The programme for Cuckfield Bookfest 2022 has now been printed and you will either have one landing on your doormat soon or you will be able to pick up a copy at various points throughout the area. It will also be available online from 20th August.

Cuckfield Book Festival 2022

The programme is packed with writers of every genre and we hope you will come to several events. There’s the usual unmissable literary quiz on Thursday 6th October and on Friday 7th October, the Ockenden Manor supper is back with Steve Richards as our guest.

Steve’s Rock n’Roll Politics show is currently at the Edinburgh Fringe and is a behind-the-scenes guide to the political dramas we have all been witnessing – there’s no chance this year of him running out of material.

Richard Osman

We are very thrilled to announce that Richard Osman will be at the festival on Saturday 8th October talking to Andrew Hunter Murray.

Richard was brought up locally and went to Warden Park School in Cuckfield and since the festival began, we have been trying to persuade him to come. And now, just as the third book in his best-selling series The Thursday Murder Club is published, he will be at Cuckfield BookFest.

Image by Conor O’Leary

Friends of Cuckfield Bookfest 2022

Lots of people signed up as Friends of the Book festival last year and this is a reminder that last year’s membership ended on 31 December 2021.  We have already received applications from lots of people for 2022 so if you would like to become a Friend for 2022 (and take advantage of the early booking window between 1st and 4th September), please click on the link below.

Click here to become a Friend of Cuckfield BookFest 2022

Keep an eye out for BookSwap. Around the village, you may spot books labelled with a Cuckfield Bookfest sticker and we invite you to take a look and perhaps find something to enjoy.  Please do take it and perhaps post a picture of yourself and where you found it on our Facebook or Twitter pages – or on Cuckfield Gossip.

childrens book festival cuckfield

Children’s BookFest

On Saturday 8th October, there will be a day for young people at the Old School. Local author Sue Monroe (who runs PJ and the Hare in Cuckfield) will be there and there will be a workshop called Protest!  about the history of protest and how it has transformed society – lots of audience participation expected.

Dinosaurs have to feature in Cuckfield because of its association with these incredible creatures and Steve and Anne Brusatte will be presenting a session on Dugie, the Scottish dinosaur. Steve is an advisor on the Jurassic world film series so there’s nothing he doesn’t know about dinosaurs..

Booking opens at 12.00am on 1st September for Friends and at 12.00am on 4th September for everyone else.

See you at Cuckfield Book Festival 2022!

The early booking slot does not apply to the quiz.