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Cuckfield Bookfest 2021

2020 is surely a year that will be difficult to forget; a year full of sadness for many, of separation from family and friends and the removal of many of the activities that provide fun, stimulation and enjoyment. Retail opportunities have been few and far between but book sales have surged and reading has kept so many people engaged and challenged. Lots of people have turned to writing themselves.

Despite lockdowns, Cuckfield Book Festival in 2020 succeeded against the odds and put on a day of talks – online in the end and not offering the usual opportunities of meeting the authors in person. But overcoming difficulties and learning the technicalities as we went along, we did make it happen.



Cuckfield Bookfest

Plans for 2021

Spring is definitely beginning to lift the spirits. Who can tell what lies ahead but it does seem that people are anxious to have a festival again and one which more closely resembles the hugely successful events in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The programme is starting to take shape and already we have some very different authors booked.

Book Club

For enthusiastic book club members, we have chosen The Year Without Summer by Guinevere Glasfurd. The book tells the story of a fateful year when temperatures fell and summer failed to arrive as the result of a cataclysmic eruption in Indonesia. Lives both ordinary and privileged were changed forever.

We do hope book clubs will add this title to their programme for 2021 and come along to hear Guinevere talk about it.

Cuckfield Bookfest 2021

Cuckfield Bookfest 2021      ©Stefano Masse
Guinevere Glasfurd was born in Lancaster and lives near Cambridge with her husband and daughter.

The Year Without Summer has been longlisted for The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2021.

There will also be a day of events for children and young people on Saturday 9th October.

As more authors accept our invitation to appear, we will let you know via the website so do keep checking. We are also planning on being much more pro-active on social media so don’t forget to follow us. Just click on the links below.

Links to the 2020 online festival recordings


Allie Esiri – A Poem for Every Winter Day read by Annette Badland & Hugh Ross
Video link   https://youtu.be/N5ZMWF0s-Kc

Kate Mosse – The Burning Chambers (Cuckfield Bookfest 2020) Video link   https://youtu.be/8D7VO1hOib0

Alan Judd – Fiction and Reality in Spy Fiction (Cuckfield Bookfest 2020) Video link https://youtu.be/2bSLeuU-s_Y

Iain Dale – Why Can’t We All Just Get Along… Shout Less. Listen More.  Video link https://youtu.be/SfXcNkXpXLo

Damian Barr – You Will be Safe Here (The Cuckfield Bookfest Big Book Group, with Julian Worricker)
Video link https://youtu.be/J08TrYPgZCY

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the quiz on Friday. It worked so well, and we especially enjoyed meeting other, new people on our Zoomed table. We will keep in touch with them, as we liked them
so much!

Congratulations on pulling it off. It was a logistical triumph. The questions were great too, and it’s fantastic that people gave up their time to make it all happen. It felt so normal and, in these lockdown times, a bit of normality is a godsend.

Well done all. That was truly superb, technically perfect and nothing could have given me more pleasure on this wet day. Uplifting in the covid gloom, congratulations to you all for lifting us up from what could have been a dead duck but became a glorious golden phoenix!

How can I help?

Cuckfield Bookfest is a non-profit making Community Interest Company and as such relies on sponsorship, donations and ticket sales to provide a stimulating festival.  If you would like to make a donation, please click on the link below.