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Children's BookFest

Saturday 8th October

Each year Cuckfield BookFest runs a spectacular one day event for children where they can attend talks and meet authors.


In addition there is also a Creative Writing Competition for budding writers with different age categories. See below for details of how to enter.

For details on how to enter the Writing Competition Click Here

Sue Monroe

The Magnificent
Moon Hare

Age 7 plus
Join the brilliant former CBBC presenter to hear her tell her fantastically funny stories about a spoiled and unpleasant princess and a moon hare. The Magnificent Moon Hare stories are fun filled adventures featuring wonderful characters and perfect for firing kids’ imagination.

This will be an interactive story telling workshop.

Sue has worked as a presenter on a variety of programmes for the BBC, ITV, GMTV and Radio Five, including Cbeebies, where she was one of the original presenters. She ownsthe children’s shop called PJ and The Hare on the High Street in Cuckfield.

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Alice and Emily Haworth-Booth


Workshop for age 7 plus

Kids these days are very aware of peaceful protest and are prepared to make a stand against what they believe is wrong in the world. Alice and Emily have been involved in activism for years and Protest sets out the history of protest and how it has changed society.

Going back to 1170 BCE when workers on the Egyptian pyramids went on strike for
more food to the present day with school strikes for climate action, this illustrated history will inspire, entertain and inform. Lots of audience participation is expected in this workshop!

The Bookseller said … a ‘brilliant book … a positive and uplifting celebration of people who have worked to make the world a better place.’

Emily is an author-illustrator and politics and environmental issues often appear as themes in her books. Her books have been short listed for many awards.

Alice is a graphic designer and writer who has created many bold and colourful designs for campaigns and activist groups.

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Katie Kirby

The Catastrophic Friendship Fails of
Lottie Brooks

Ages 9 plus

Join Katie Kirby, bestselling author and creator of Lottie Brooks. Katie’s fantastically funny illustrated stories follow the triumphs and mishaps of Lottie Brooks, as she navigates the challenges of growing up and starting high school, covering topics from friendships to first bras. These charming and relatable stories are full of embarrassing and laugh out loud moments, alongside a lot of heart.

Katie Kirby is a writer, illustrator and influential parenting blogger who lives by the sea in Hove. The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks was her first novel quickly followed by The Catastrophic Friendship Fails of Lottie Brooks in which the misadventures of Lottie Brooks continue as she tries to be cool on Tik-Tok, awaits her first period, and lands a lead role in the spring musical for her talent as a musical

There will be lots of chances to join in the fun and ask questions and Katie may even
have questions for you!

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Anne and Steve Brusatte

Dugie the Dinosaur

Age 4-7

Dinosaurs once lived in Cuckfield but did you know they also lived in Scotland? Dugie is the long-necked dinosaur who lives on the Isle of Skye. When he is separated from his family by a storm, he needs the help of some new friends to get back to the safety of his lagoon. A story of bravery, friendship and dinosaurs!

This will be an interactive session with plenty of time for you to ask anything you’ve ever wanted to know about dinosaurs! Authors Anne and Steve will take you back 170 million years ago to The Jurassic Period.

Anne is a primary teacher and artist and Steve is a palaeontologist and advisor on Jurassic
World film series and the resident palaeontologist for the BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs. Steve will be at Cuckfest again on Sunday morning talking about his latest book The Rise and Reign of the Mammals.

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Andrew Pettie

The BIG Britannica Quiz

Ages 7 plus

Following last year’s hugely successful quiz, we are delighted to announce its return!

Come along and join Andrew Pettie who is the wildly entertaining quizmaster . The format for the session is that it’s a quiz for family teams with responses being put into a phone or ipad, or it can be done with pencil and paper.

Do boomerangs work in space? Could Usain Bolt outrun a hippo? How many human cells could you fit on the head of a pin? Discover the answers to all these questions and more as you play our fun and fascinating family quiz.

Andrew Pettie – author for Encyclopaedia Britannica and editor of the all-new Britannica Magazine – will test your family’s trivia power and see who will be crowned Cuckfest’s BIG Britannica Quiz Champion 2022. It could be you! There will be prizes!

Children's Creative Writing Competition

Calling all young writers from Reception to Year 6
Click here for more details on how to enter