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Cuckfest 2018 is now well underway and the organisers have had a fascinating few weeks, looking for possible speakers. We’ve been to literary events in bookshops, heard potential speakers at literary clubs and attended book festivals. And we are always on the lookout for ideas in the books pages and on the radio.


Our first signed-up author is Leo Benedictus who conveniently lives in Brighton. His latest book is called Consent recently published by Faber, to much acclaim. Part crime, part thriller, part horror, it puts the reader in the mind of a stalker and is a thought-provoking and disturbing page-turner. The cover is irresistible.

We were delighted that our application to Central and South Mid Sussex Council for Community Funding for Bookfest 2018 was successful and much of the generous grant we were given will be put towards the children’s programme, allowing us to expand it considerably. This year the children’s events will be held in the Baptist Church in Cuckfield which is a stunning venue with plenty of space. Keep Saturday 6th October free if there are children in your household! There will be workshops, talks, and loads of active fun for children of all ages.

Through Haywards Heath library, news of Cuckfest has been sent out to lots of book groups and from the responses, there’s no doubt that there are many people anxiously waiting to see the programme! This will be available in early August but meantime we will be sending out monthly newsletters to everyone on our mailing list.

More to come in May ….