As you know, we have had to cancel the events at the Queen’s Hall

so we are going online.

Don’t forget to rebook your tickets to get your free Zoom link.


If you have bought tickets, TicketSource will automatically refund your money in full to the same credit or debit card used for payment. This can take up to 10 working days (dependent partly on your bank).

Having had some feedback from you and from the authors, we know how disappointed everyone is at the cancellation.

 So we are now able to tell you that you can rebook to watch each event (or take part in the quiz) using Zoom.

These replacement events are
completely free – please book again if you wish to attend any of these.

Even though you may be feeling that you have had enough of Zoom, we do hope you will want to fill a gloomy November Saturday with a wonderful selection of authors.

How to book

You can book in the same way as before, at the TicketSource Bookfest page: or on the link below.

 As long as you choose e-ticket delivery there will be no charge.

To help offset our costs (as Cuckfield Bookfest is a non-profit Community Interest Company), if you would like to make a donation to us, you may do so during checkout. Or later!


What is Zoom?

  • Zoom ( has been the most popular video conference system in the pandemic – partly as it is simple to use.
  • You can install and use the Zoom client on your PC, tablet or smartphone or use it via a web browser.

How do I join

The Zoom link needed will be emailed to you on the day before the event. You don’t need to print it but you do need to book your ticket so we know to send you the link.

To start you can just click on the link in the email but preparing first will make it quicker the first time

Since the events, 

except for the quiz, will be primarily like a broadcast or webinar, you will not need to enable your camera
or microphone.

We will be relaying questions for the authors submitted by email before or during each
event – details will be sent with the Zoom link.



What’s On

Perhaps you are reluctant to go out and about in these frustrating days when we have been asked to stay at home and avoid mixing with crowds. Despite enjoying Bookfest for the past three years, you have decided it isn’t for you in 2020.

Well, now the festival is entirely online so you can come, knowing that you can participate from the safety of your home. And in
addition to this, the events are all FREE! As Cuckfest is a non-profit-making Community Interest Company, you might like to make a
donation to funds – there is a box on the booking page for this. Thank you in advance.

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Friday 13th November

Literary Quiz

This year’s quiz will now be held online using Zoom. Individual “tables” (of up to six) will be switched in and out of a private “breakout” room

  • It should not be any harder than using Zoom for a normal meeting.
  • But unlike the other events each person (or couple if sharing a device) will need their own (free) zoom account 
  • We will need to know their emails so that each account can be switched into the right team “room”.

When answering time is up everyone will be switched back to the main meeting to hear the answer and the next set of questions.

We will ask the team leader for the list of emails in their table team

  1. Either when they book a “table” 
  2. Or send them to us later before the event if not all the emails are available now.

Saturday 14th November


Cuckfield Bookfest 2020The first event features Alan Judd talking about spy fiction and how it connects with reality. Alan Judd is the multiple award-winning author of two biographies and fourteen novels, of which three have been filmed. Five of his novels are spy fictions in the Charles Thoroughgood series and he is the authorised biographer of Mansfield Cumming, founder of MI6.




Kate MosseKate Mosse is next,. Kate is an international bestselling novelist, playwright and non-fiction writer. She is the author of six novels and short story collections – including the multimillion- selling Languedoc Trilogy (Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel). She is the Founder Director of the Women’s Prize for Fiction and a regular interviewer for theatre and fiction events. Kate will be talking about The Burning Chambers series, the second novel of which, The City of Tears, will be published in January.


Cuckfield Bookfest 2020Iain Dale will be talking to Peter Guttridge. Iain Dale is one of Britain’s leading political commentators and broadcasters. He presents the Evening Show on LBC Radio (Monday – Thursday, 7–10pm) and was named Radio Presenter of the Year for 2013 & 2016 at the Arqiva Awards. He co- presented LBC’s seven hour long general election night programme in 2017 and was at the heart of the 2019 Tory leadership race, having chaired ten of the 16 leadership hustings with Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. His book Why Can’t We All Just Get Along: Shout Less, Listen More is part-memoir, part-polemic about the state of discourse in Britain and the world today.







3.30 pm

Damian BarrThis year’s Big Book Group features Damian Barr talking about his book You Will Be Safe Here. Damian’s debut novel is a beautiful and heart-breaking story set in South Africa, where two mothers – a century apart – must fight for their sons, unaware their fates are inextricably linked. The Guardian said ‘it is distinguished by its compassion, its wisdom and its remarkable sense of poetry.’ Damian presented the live coverage of Cheltenham Literature Festival on Sky Arts and hosts his celebrated Literary Salon at The Savoy.
He will be talking to Julian Worricker, a very familiar voice on BBC radio.







Allie Esiri – A Poem for Every Winter Day
Cuckfield BookfestThe day ends with a dramatic treat. Allie Esiri is a writer and curator of poetry events and she takes these to major literary festivals. Within the pages of her gorgeous collection, A Poem for Every Winter Day, you will find verse that will transport you to sparkling winter scenes, taking you from Christmas, to New Years Eve and the joys of Valentines Day.

A previous collection of Allie’s was selected by the director general of the National Trust this week on Desert Island Discs as her book to take with her and A Poem for Every Winter Day is one of RED magazine’s perfect Christmas gifts. Allie’s chosen poems will be beautifully read by two actors; Annette Badland, award-winning star of many productions on television and stage, and Hugh Ross who has had a long and successful acting career (and is also Cuckfest head of programming’s brother!).

So there’s still time to go to the ticketsource website and book a virtual ticket. Once booked, you will be sent a ZOOM link to enable you to join us.


Don’t miss it! It’s the perfect way to spend a November Saturday.

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