Cuckfield Bookfest 2020 Quiz — Overview of Process

The Zoom meeting invitations will be emailed to all expected attendees on Thursday. You may like to print and use the supplied answer template to record your answers for each round. You can download the template by clicking HERE

To avoid unnecessary background noise your microphone will be muted by default. Please join the Zoom meeting at 6:45pm (so that we can resolve any problems before starting promptly).

You will then be admitted from the “waiting room and placed in your breakout room, ” where you can talk freely with your teammates.

At 7pm everyone will be switched to the main meeting and the quiz will start with the first round of 10 questions.

After the questions have been asked you will be returned to your breakout rooms to confer for 5 minutes. (You will need to unmute to talk at this point!)

The team spokesperson should record your agreed final answers to each question. When discussion time is up everyone will be switched back to the main meeting to hear the answers.

Each spokesperson will then be asked in turn for the team score from the round. (They will need to unmute again for this!) After reviewing the current total scores the quiz will continue with the next round.

Please be aware that to avoid problems with the sound feedback if two people in one house use Zoom separately they should be in different rooms.
• Or both should use headphones.
• Headphones (with or without a microphone) will generally give you and others clearer sound anyway.

A good tip for those reporting scores is that you can temporarily unmute by holding down the space bar. (If you press it briefly then it will toggle between mute to unmute). This may be more convenient that clicking on the microphone icon.

We will run 6 rounds (7 if we have time) with a 5 minute break after round 3 or 4. Both questions and answers will be posted on the website after the weekend if you want to review them all later.



Have fun and good luck!