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with Will Brooker

Lisa Jewell’s first novel Ralph’s Party was the best-selling debut novel of 1999.  Since then she has written 18 more, most recently a number of dark psychological thrillers. The Family Remains continues the story of The Family Upstairs, which sold over a million copies.

Once again Lisa Jewell has produced a fast-paced gripping thriller and will be talking about it with Will Brooker, author of The Truth About Lisa Jewell.

What does it take to become a best-selling writer? The Truth about Lisa Jewell is the story of how a novel is written, from before the start to after the finish; it’s an in-depth analysis of how that novel fits into a successful author like Lisa Jewell’s career and her previous work, and what her style shares with authors from James Joyce to Martin Amis.

It is also the story of two very different writers getting to know each other gradually through words; two complete strangers becoming something more like friends.

Lisa Jewell lives in London with her family.  Will Brooker is Professor of Cultural Studies at Kingston University.