Lost Girls Love, War and Literature 1939-51

with Peter Guttridge

Saturday 5th October 4.30pm – 5.30pm
Queen’s Hall
£10.00 per person


dj taylorlost girlsWho were the Lost Girls? At least a dozen or so young women at large in Blitz-era London have a claim to this title. Lost Girls concentrates on four. Chic, glamorous and bohemian, they cut a swathe through English literary and artistic life in the 1940s. Three of them had affairs with Lucian Freud. One of them married George Orwell. Another became the mistress of the King of Egypt and was flogged by him on the steps of the Royal Palace. And all of them were associated with the decade’s most celebrated literary magazine, Horizon. They are a genuine missing link between the first wave of newly liberated young women of the post-Great War era and the Dionysiac free-for-all of the 1960s. Hectic, passionate and unexpectedly poignant, this is their story.


The Love Child

rachel horelove childDavid and Rachel have been married for 29 years and both of them are successful authors.
Their work is completely different but what happens in practice? Do they consult each other on possible projects, on plotting, on progress? Do they read each other’s work before submitting it to the publishers? How honest are they as critics? They will be revealing all about their daily writing lives in discussion with Peter Guttridge.

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